Monetize your voice!

SteosVoice provides the passive income by creating a digital twin of your voice that can work 24/7

Audio articles & Podcasts

Explore new ways of the content delivering. Create high quality audio versions of articles from your website.

Voice in Patreon & Donations

Say hello to your patrons. Send automatic voice messages, news, congratulations with different voices and even yours.

Mods for video games

Mods are eternal youth for any video game! Get access to high quality voices for your new stories.

Audio books

Create high quality audio books without regard to professional voiceover skills and timelines. AI is able to simultaneously voice many books.

YouTube videos

Explore the endless expanses of English-language YouTube, or start creating without looking at the equipment and skills of the announcer.

Smart assistants

Smart assistants open up almost limitless possibilities for monetizing your voice.

SteosVoice is

Voice rights and profession respect

SteosVoice does not take away the right to a voice from the author.

Goal of this project is focused on using synthesized speech in cases where the participation of a real voice actor is simply impossible or very difficult, in addition to the regular work they do in the studio.

Passive income with royalties

Thanks to SteosVoice marketplace, professional voice actors and owners of great voices are be able to license the use of digital versions of their voices and earn passive income.
SteosVoice pays royalties!

New stunning opportunities

We all admire how voice actors skillfully change their voices.

The number of voices from one author on the platform is unlimited.

Which means that each author can create an infinite number of variations and characters and increase own voice palette.


You can license unlimited digital versions of variations of your voice on our platform and receive 20% of royalties automatically.

They are already joined us

Andrey Zaitsev

  • Dubbing actor

Andrey Zaitsev is a professional Russian dubbing actor. For Russian viewers and Star Wars fans, he is known for dubbing the famous character, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), in the prequels. He later voiced this character in the animated film and animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He also voiced the superhero Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) in Guardians of the Galaxy and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gary Ladka

  • Dubbing actor

Gary Ladka is a US/North American Native English Speaking Voice Actor. He has performed voiceover work for radio and TV commercials and industrials for companies such as Nexus, Matrix, Wella, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines, The American Heart Association and more. His voice is also featured in live, temporary and permanent installed museum exhibits and traveling shows, and for various video blog channels. He also has narrated books on audio, both fiction and non-fiction, commercially and voluntarily for Audible (Over 30 Titles) and other audiobook and educational websites. Gary is also an online English educator.

Maria Zagumyonnova

  • Dubbing actor

Maria Zagumyonnova - radio host, voice actor. You can hear her voice in many commercials, as well as on YouTube channels such as Kosmo Story and Audio Story.

She also provides voiceover for audiobooks, mobile games, anime and TV series.

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